free the fern

connecting community through environmental stewardship

Removal of Invasive Plants

Working with communities to remove invasive plants within the Champlain Heights area of Vancouver, B.C.

Supporting Growth of
Native Plants

Planting Native species to promote natural forest growth for future generations.

Fostering Community and Knowledge Sharing

Engaging the community in working the land, and providing education about invasive and native plant species.

Who we are

Free the Fern is a group of environmental stewards living within Champlain Heights area in South Vancouver, B.C. We volunteer in the community by supporting the removal of invasive plants and restoring the land back to it’s natural flora.


Each invasive species require unique techniques for removal. At Free the Fern, we do our best to make the soil ready for planting.

A Future

The Champlain Height trails have been a longstanding community staple. It is where our children walk to school, where people of all ages walk daily, and a network for people to connect. In a world of uncertainty and change – what can we do to foster community? What will we leave for our future?

Current Project:
Pilot – Doug’s Garden (Kinross Creek)

“I love giving back to the community and being part of the change we see.”


“I’ve learned so much about the types local plants – and am able to identify the difference.”


“The fern is [their] favourite plant.”


Let’s work together

Are you interested to make the Champlain Trails a greener space? Do you want to get involved in the community? Impress your friend’s with knowledge? Let’s talk.