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Weeding & Weaving

November 2021, two Free the Fern members, Joe & Grace, took a ivy basket weaving workshop taught by Varsha Gill, Eco-Arts and Youth Program Manager at the Still Moon Arts Society, Renfrew Ravine.

After the workshop, Joe & Grace met and practiced the technique together. In addition to using ivy, they also experimented with using English holly branches and red alder succers for basket making.

Surprised by how much they enjoyed the experience of weaving, Joe & Grace have decided to share their skills and run future workshops on Weeding and Weaving.

On March 5, 2022, 10am-12pm, Joe & Grace hosted their first Weeding and Weaving workshop at the end of Fir Trail in South Vancouver. Volunteers spent half the session removing invasive ivy and Himalayan blackberry. The second half of the session was spent learning basket making techniques.

Please email us at Free the Fern if you are interested to sign up to attend future Weeding & Weaving workshops.