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Grow Wild! Ivy Basket Weaving Workshop

On Sunday, Oct 23, 2022, Free the Fern ran 3 eco-art workshop as part of our Grow Wild! event. Our first workshop was an Ivy Basket Weaving workshop, led by Free the Fern directors, Joe Boyd & Grace Nombrado.

In preparation for the workshop, Joe had collected piles of English ivy vines. After welcoming everyone at the Kinross Creek Co-op common room, we began the workshop with prepping the ivy vines (removing leaves and roots). The common room floor became scattered with a wonderful mess of leaves, as everyone prepped their ivy. After pulling leaves off, everyone cut the vines into 6 woody “steaks” and 6 long, flexible “weavers”.

After a short break for some coffee (provided by Starbucks) and snacks (funded by the Independent Grocer and a Neighbourhood Small Grant), we got down to demonstrating the weaving technique. Grace emphasized the importance of twisting the ivy weavers, bringing one vine forward, while another vine back, behind the thicker, steaks. Joe & Grace circulated and provided support to those who needed it. Everyone kept a positive spirit, as they learned the new technique. By the end of the workshop each participant went home with a beautiful, unique, ivy basket.