About Us

Our Story

Free the Fern, founded in January 2021, is a group of 21 active community members and environmental stewards living within neighbourhood of Champlain Heights in South Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Realizing invasives have already spread throughout the local parks, Free the Fern was created to decrease the spread of invasives along the Champlain Heights Trail and replant native plants in the area. We at Free the Fern believe in connecting community through environmental stewardship.

Free the Fern celebrates diversity and inclusion. Just like the forest thrives through diversity, so do we as a society. We welcome people of all ages, ethnicities, abilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities to participate in whatever way they are able and willing to.

Free the Fern consults with experts in the community and receives support from local housing co-ops and strata, The Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver (ISCMV), The Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA), Neighbourhoood Small Grants, TD Park People Grants, and donations from the public.

We are driven by values

> Community Building

> Environmental Stewardship

> Embracing Diversity and Accessibility

> Knowledge Sharing

Community Driven

Engaging residents of Champlain Heights in preserving green spaces. Providing tools and knowledge resources to help foster removal.

Deeply Committed

We want to work with you at your skill level and ability. However you can contribute, you are valued and we commit to helping you “green” your space.


We understand each member has expertise to share. Each volunteer brings new insights, techniques, and information. While we don’t know “everything” we’ll work together to find out.

Grace Nombrado


Chris Corless

Community Volunteer

Christine Nombrado

Secretary / Developer