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Online Resources

Online Resources

If you are interested in finding out more about invasive weed removal, native planting, or forest regeneration, then check out these helpful online resources.

Invasives Species Council of BC

ISCBC is a registered charity and non-profit society, helping work together to stop the spread of invasive species in BC.

Provincial Priority Invasive Species List

Invasive species are prioritized at a Provincial scale using a science-based risk assessment process.

Report an Invasive Species

Reporting invasive species may help land managers respond quickly and be able to control the population before it spreads too widely! 

Grow me Instead!

Brochure produced by the Invasive Species Council of BC. Lists recommended pants that can be planted to replace invasives that have been removed

Ecological Characteristics of Old-Growth Douglas-Fir Forests

Seminal Report put out in 1981 US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. What makes an old-growth forest?

Native Plants Found in a Douglas-Fir Forests

Good list of native plants put out by the Oregon State University

Outdoor Environmental Learning in Vancouver Parks

Prepared by Naomi W. Reichstein, Greenest City Scholar, 2018
Prepared for the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
Planning and Research Department

My One Hectare Backyard

Designed by Vancouver park steward, Damian Assadi, this virtual outdoor classroom connects students with nature through short, fun lessons about native species. This series is suitable for elementary (Episodes 1-3) and high-school (episodes 4-6) students, and will add interest to any curriculum.

“This is how you change the world, the smallest circles first… That humble energy, the kind that says, ‘I will do what I can do right now in my own small way,’ creates a ripple effect on the world.”

Richard Wagamese, One Drum: Stories and Ceremonies for the Planet