Tree Removal Begins

The Vancouver City Engineering Department has marked dead trees that are a hazard along the Champlain Heights Trail and have begun the process of removing them, with the help of Davey’s Tree co. The process began on June 29, 2021 and is scheduled to continue… Read More »Tree Removal Begins

A World in a Stump

Today, as I was walking along Champlain Heights Trail, gathering mulch in my wheelbarrow, I spotted an amazing old stump. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that it was not just a stump – but a whole ecosystem of life. There was a huckleberry plant full… Read More »A World in a Stump

Invasive Ed 101

We had a very successful Invasive Ed 101 event on Saturday, June 12. Despite the forecast being 70% rain, we woke up to to beautiful sunny skies. Our members, Kiki, Anne, Grace and Paola were on hand to set up our info table, with waiver… Read More »Invasive Ed 101

Trail Signage

Free the Fern Member, Teresa Gagné, offered to help design trail signage for our Free the Fern conservation effort. She will be printing and laminating these signs for placement along the Champlain Heights Trail in the areas we are stewarding. Thank you Teresa for your… Read More »Trail Signage