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A Bird In Need

Today, I was walking home from the trails – and I saw a beautiful varied thrush lying on the road. It was breathing heavily and seemed stunned, likely as the result of an accidental collision with a window. It was breathing heavily, but seemed to… Read More »A Bird In Need

Free the Fir!

I was walking the trails and noticed a small douglas fir sapling tangled up in English Ivy. I made it my mission to free the fir! So on Saturday I and a fellow park steward, David Hiebert, helped to cut away the ivy and remove… Read More »Free the Fir!

Pileated Woodpecker

Today, while walking along the Champlain Heights Trail, I was surprised to see a Pileated Woodpecker fly into Doug’s Garden. The woodpecker landed on the forest floor, pecked for a bit at a fallen log, examined a maple tree and a douglas fir before flying… Read More »Pileated Woodpecker

Compost Bins

A resident of Kinross Creek Co-op donated 2 garden compost bins for the use of Free the Fern. One will be used to compost green waste from vegetables and yard waste, while the other one will be used to store leaves to create mulch/leaf mold.… Read More »Compost Bins

Leaf Mulch with Ferns

In Plot D within Doug’s Garden (see: projects page), we have completed removing all invasive plants (English Ivy, Italian Arum & Lamium) and we have covered the soil with a protective layer of leaf mulch. Leaf mulch has been collected in a wheelbarrow from along… Read More »Leaf Mulch with Ferns