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We were recently able to plant approx 70 native plants donated by the Environmental Youth Alliance. Plants included: Western Sword Fern, Salal, Western Bleeding Heart, Red Flowering Currant, Oregon Grape, Saskatoon Berry, Bunch berry, and more! Our volunteers planted them over 4 sites along the… Read More »Planting!

Wheelbarrow Wow!

Our fellow Free the Fern member, Chris Corless, is not only good at getting ivy out with a rake, he also is a very talented woodworker. Over the last few days he has been working on a very special project that uses to his carpentry… Read More »Wheelbarrow Wow!

Free Plants!

We were very blessed to be offered a donation of 70 free plants from The Environmental Youth Alliance! According to their website ( The EYA is a registered charity supporting BIPOC youth to connect with nature, community, and skills to become environmental stewards and community… Read More »Free Plants!


Today, I began the process of removing invasive lamium from area F of our Doug Garden Pilot Project site along the trails (see projects page). I succeeded in hand-pulling an area about 5 feet square in the space of 2 hours (with several breaks to… Read More »Lamium

Nature Art!

I wish to share a few pieces of nature art along the Champlain Heights Trail. The first is a rock and stump formation nestled into the roots of a tree, located near Matheson Heights Housing Co-op, designed by Anne Banner. The second is a “love… Read More »Nature Art!

A Bird In Need

Today, I was walking home from the trails – and I saw a beautiful varied thrush lying on the road. It was breathing heavily and seemed stunned, likely as the result of an accidental collision with a window. It was breathing heavily, but seemed to… Read More »A Bird In Need

Free the Fir!

I was walking the trails and noticed a small douglas fir sapling tangled up in English Ivy. I made it my mission to free the fir! So on Saturday I and a fellow park steward, David Hiebert, helped to cut away the ivy and remove… Read More »Free the Fir!