Doug’s Garden

Location: Doug’s Garden is located along the Red Alder Trail in the Champlain Height Greenway near the Kinross Creek Co-op.

History: Doug was a good example of stewardship in action. Despite being in a wheelchair, this resident of Kinross Creek Co-op dedicated his time to landscaping and caring for the garden. After his passing, neighbours named the area “Doug’s Garden” in his honour.

Plan: To remove all invasives and plant native plants within Doug’s Garden. Thanks to a TD Park People Grant, we are planning the creation of a native plant teaching garden in this area for the fall of 2021.

This is the current layout of Doug’s Garden, located east of Kinross Creek Co-op (end of Swansacre). Plots are labelled to coordinate removal and planting efforts.

See what we’re up to

Plot D – One of the “before” pictures of this plot (facing east), showing the Invasive ivy taking over the ground space near the Red Alder Trail.
Plot D – Facing west, this is the plot after the first run removal of the ivy ground cover. In the center is Italian Arum (another invasive) which was slated for removal.
Plot D – Leaf mulch and ferns used to create ground cover, preparing the soil for planting in the fall using nature’s built-in composting system.
Plot D – Removing invasive ivy from this plot required 40 green bins of yard waste, and many piles of ivy.
Plot D – Facing south (basketball court in the back), showing the removed Italian Arum and newly cleared space.

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