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Artist Collaboration – Nov 15, 2023

On Wednesday, Nov 15, were honoured to welcome 10 local artists to gather for an Artist Collaboration. This was in preparation for our upcoming Light up the Night in Champlain Heights lantern festival on December 17. The collaboration was held at the Kinross Creek Co-op common room and led by artist, Joshua Ralph.

The artists were shown how to build lanterns using English holly or Western red cedar branches, joining them together with masking tape and covering them with tissue paper. Joshua shared that the theme of the lantern would be “Forms of Kindness”. So, the artists began sketching ideas for their lanterns to reflect the theme: birds with a nest full of their young, a triptych showing cherry blossom trees through the seasons, and a coyote pup with their mother. Free the Fern Stewardship Society provided the artists with supplies for lantern building: branches, tape, glue, tissue paper, and pressed leaves.

Towards the end of the collaboration, Joshua guided the artists on a walk of the Red Alder Trail. Together they walked down the forest trail and planned locations to display their lanterns for our upcoming Light up the Night in Champlain Heights lantern festival. It will be so beautiful to see all the lanterns lit up beneath the trees in the trail.

A special thanks to Joshua Ralph for leading the Artist Collaboration and thank you to the 10 local artists for attending: Alicia Brown, Andrea Papineau, Anne Banner, Catherine Munn, Ellie Weber, Genesis Morales, Kiki Nombrado, Rayne Burning, Sayemin Naheen, and Svitlana Jetokina.

This Artists Collaboration was made possible thanks to funding provided by Park People.