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Community Planting Event!

Thanks to our major sponsor, TD Park People Grant, free the fern hosted a very successful Community Planting Event along the Red Alder Trail on October 24, 2021. We had 38 eager volunteers serving as volunteer leaders, volunteer planters, photographer, info table monitors, set-up/clean-up crew, and entertainment. Together we successfully planted 224 plants, in an area which will become the Douglas Fir Teaching Garden (or “Doug’s Garden” for short).

We were grateful to have the support of the following sponsors:

TD Park People Grant – funded the purchase 18 tools and gloves for the planting, as well as a portion of the native plants

Neighbourhood Small Grant – funded the purchase 18 bags of sea soil and Domino’s pizza lunch for the volunteers.

Kinross Creek Co-op Landscape Committee – funded a truck load (5 cubic yards) of garden soil and portion of the plants

Cartier Place strata- donated funds for a portion of the plants

Miller’s Your Independent Grocer – donated $50 to fund the purchase of juice boxes, granola bars, plates, and napkins.

GardenWorks – donated three $25 gift cards for draw prizes

and our Free the Fern Art for Plants Fundraiser – raised hundreds of dollars from our community, which we used to fund native plants.

Thank you to all our sponsors and amazing community volunteers!