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Globe & Jar Lantern Workshops – Dec 9, 2023

Today we had a busy day full of lantern building!
We began the morning with a Globe Lantern Workshop from 10am-12pm. It was led by Artist, Kiki Nombrado. 9 participants joined in for the free workshop. Kiki taught the technique of creating a lantern using a balloon, covered in three layers of tissue and pressed leaves. The participants used a variety of colours of tissue combined with Japanese maple, vine maple, red maple, and bracken fern leaves. After the lanterns dry (in about a week) the participants will pop and remove the balloons before adding wire handles to hold their lantern.

In the afternoon we had a second workshop, A Jar Lantern Workshop, this time led by Free the Fern Executive Director, Grace Nombrado. 14 participants joined the workshop, including several families with young children. Grace demonstrated how to cover a glass jar with tissue paper and pressed leaves using white glue. Everyone’s jar turned out unique and beautiful! Each participant was also given some macrame rope and they will be tying around their jar, so that it can be carried at our lantern festival.

Thank you to our hosts, Kiki & Grace, for leading these workshops and our amazing participants for attending. These workshops were made possible thanks to funding provided by Park People – Cornerstone.