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Healing Forest

The David Suzuki foundation recently put the call for green spaces to be designated as Healing Forests. These would be spaces dedicated to the first inhabitants of the land and their descendants. Where people could learn about this country’s tragic past and begin a personal journey toward reconciliation. Free the Fern submitted an application for Douglas Fir Teaching Garden.

After receiving an overwhelming 129 applications, the David Suzuki foundation, selected the Douglas FIr Teaching Garden and offered $1500 towards making the space a Healing Forest. We are so honoured to be selected. Free the Fern Executive Director, Grace Nombrado, will attend two educational sessions offered by the David Suzuki foundation to learn more about how to make a space a Healing Forest. We hope to involve the first peoples of the land to help with incorporating indigenous art into the space and signage.

Stay tuned as we plan this exciting project!