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Old Growth Conservancy

Today I was privileged to be able to attend a walk hosted by the Old Growth Conservancy Society on Cypress Mountain.

Back in 1990 there was plan by the city mayor to turn the area on Cypress mountain, rich in rare old growth red cedars, into a golf course. But through a combination of activism, public education and a referendum, an area rich in old growth trees was preserved. Last year marked 30 years since the successful referendum and the preservation of this rich area of biodiversity.

The Old Growth Conservancy Society runs annual public educational tours into a protected area of old growth forest on Cypress Mountain, normally off-limits to the public.

I felt blessed to be able to see such rich biodiversity – a forest floor rich with bunch berries, wild strawberry, queens cup, moss and mushrooms. Towering, majestic 800 year old red cedar trees, interspersed with western hemlock and amabilis fir (Pacific silver fir). What a rare gift.

So few intact old growth forests remain in our province, we need to preserve what little remain.