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Welcome our Executive Director!

Today, on Aug 15, 2023, Grace Nombrado, began her role as Executive Director of Free the Fern Stewardship Society! This is a huge step forward for Free the Fern as we grow as a non-profit.

Grace brings with her 2.5 years of volunteer experience as the founder of Free the Fern in January 2021 and as President of the Board since August 2022. Grace has dedicated her time over the past 2.5 years to helping organize 54 public events, recruiting over 200 volunteers, removing 50 tons of invasives, and planting over 1300 native plants.

We are so grateful to Park People Canada for providing funding through their Cornerstone Parks project, that has allowed Free the Fern to hire Grace as Executive Director. We have great plans for the next fiscal year. We look forward to invasive pulls leading up to our Native Food Forest planting this October, followed by our annual winter lantern event, Light up the Night in Champlain Heights in December. Stay tuned to our event page to see what we have coming up!