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Let’s Root Out Invasives!

On May 29, 2021, thanks to a Neighbourhood Small Grant, Free the Fern member, Martin, was able to host a Let’s Root Out Invasives” event at Alexander Laidlaw Co-op, adjacent to the Red Alder Trail. 

Ten volunteers, including five Free the Fern members, signed up to help remove invasive lamium and Himalayan blackberry. As part of the Neighbourhood Small Grant, Volunteers were provided with gloves and tools. We succeeded in removing eight 360L green bins worth of invasives.  Following the successful removal effort,  everyone enjoyed a complimentary lunch. 

Volunteers were invited on a tour of the native plants that have been planted by Martin in the area over the past three years – including thimbleberry, huckleberry, twinberry, salal, and Garry oak meadow flowers. 

With the support of Free the Fern’s Art for Plant Fundraiser, we will be doing a fall planting in the newly cleared area.  These plants will include: Douglas fir saplings, vine maple, dwarf Oregon grape, and sword ferns.