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Volunteer Spotlight: Paola Coloma

Since meeting Paola Coloma, resident of Cartier Place in Champlain Heights, I have been impressed with her passion for volunteerism and warm, genuine nature. At the start of May, she set a goal to remove the invasive ivy and Himalayan Blackberry from the edge of Cartier place, adjacent to the Red Alder Trail. Some days Paola would be out there morning and into the late afternoon, pulling and digging out weeds. In one month, with the occasional help from myself and her neighbour Susan, she managed to remove 36 city green bins worth of weeds – a total volume of 9,900 Litres or 9.9 cubic metres. Incredible! Within that time, she has also managed to:

  • volunteer with the Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver in Central Park removing yellow flag weeds
  • Help pass out 62 fliers to promote Free the Fern: Invasive Ed 101 Event.
  • sew bags to sell as part of our Free the Fern Art for Plant Fundraiser
  • Volunteer to help remove Himalayan blackberry and lamium at the edge of Alexander Laidlaw Co-op, as part of Let’s Root Out Invasives Event
  • Spend time with her children and enjoy chatting with her many friends and neighbours who live along the trail

Thank you Paola for being such a dedicated steward and community member! We are so lucky to have you as a neighbour and member of Free the Fern!