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Invasive Pull & BBQ

Today, on Saturday, April 2, 2022, Free the Fern member, Martin, organized a successful invasive pull. The event took place at an area we call the “triangle”: where the Red Alder trail forks, between Cartier Place complex and Matheson Height’s Co-op. ***Please scroll to the… Read More »Invasive Pull & BBQ

Weaving in Action

On Saturday, March 5, 2022, Free the Fern members Grace & Joe, organized a Weeding & Weaving event on Fir Trail, just north of the Kinross Creek Co-op. 10 volunteers gathered to remove invasive English ivy & Himalayan blackberry. Volunteers succeeded in removing 2,640 L… Read More »Weaving in Action

Nature Vancouver

Founded in 1918, as Vancouver Natural History Society, Nature Vancouver offers a “variety of activities with a focus on nature education, and enjoyment and conservation of natural environment.” Since February 2021, Nature Vancouver member, Nigel Peck (in partnership with Vancouver Parks Board, Port of Vancouver,… Read More »Nature Vancouver

Outdoor Education

Today, I had the pleasure of taking out a class of grade 1/2 students from Champlain Heights Elementary for a walk down the Red Alder Trail, in the Champlain Heights Trail System. We discussed the idea of “plant blindness” and how the cure for it… Read More »Outdoor Education

Weeding & Weaving

Back in November 2021, two of our Free the Fern members, Grace & Joe, attended a ivy basket making workshop run by Varsha Gill, Eco-Arts Program manager, at the Still Moon Arts Society, Renfrew Ravine. Since the workshop, Grace & Joe have have met together… Read More »Weeding & Weaving